More Shuffle Stupidity

I’ve been knocking the new 3G iPod Shuffle pretty hard lately, and now there’s word that there’s yet another problem with Apple’s diminutive music player.

It appears that the player’s controller (which was moved to the headphone cord) is not water-resistant, so when people workout with it, sweat trickles in and causes all sorts of problems, from the volume maxing itself out to the Shuffle ceasing to operate completely. Word is that simply letting the player dry out completely “fixes” the problem, and at least one user has said that Apple wants to take a look at his player to further investigate the problem. This thread at the Apple support forums has the complete details.

If true, this is a hilarious black eye for Apple, because the Shuffle is supposed to be the “iPod for working out”, right?

Good job, Cupertino!

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