Deep Fried Peanuts!

On a recent vacation, I picked up a pack of these:

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Yes – they’re deep fried peanuts! Basically, you take raw peanuts in the shell and cook them in peanut oil for 8-10 minutes, then sprinkle them with salt. They’re absolutely delicious! They taste like your basic roasted peanut, but have a hint of that that nice “fried” taste that satisfies so well by hitting every single one of those umami taste buds on the way down.

Even cooler: you can eat the shell, too! Deep frying tenderizes the shells and infuses them with a delicious peanutty taste! So you just pop the whole thing in your mouth and enjoy some deep fried goodness! Still, many might find the shells a bit too… fiborous for comfort.

Deep fried peanuts are delicious… if not cardiologist-approved!

6 thoughts on “Deep Fried Peanuts!”

  1. I’m eating some of Mike’s deep fried peanuts as I read this..purchased, of course, from the local Piggly Wiggly!

  2. Hi, I recently discovered and sell boiled peanut’s. I had heard about fried peanuts from some of my customers. Yours was the first site I’ve found that tells how long to deep fry the peanuts. I use Valencia Peanut’s (better flavor) for the boiled nuts, so having some on hand tried my hand at deep frying some. They were great.
    Thanks, Jude

  3. I purchased some deep fried peanuts at the beef jerky outlet and have been trying to duplicate them ever since. For some reason just deep frying raw peanuts does not seem to be enough. They cook and I can eat the shell but they are still a little tough. The ones I bought have a shell that eats like a potato chip. The ones I make have a little more resistance to them. Is there a certian peanut that is better for deep frying? Should I boild them first? Got any advice?

  4. I’m having the same problem as Brad.
    I purchased a bag of Cajun flavored Deep Fried Peanuts last week while visiting a country store near Lake Lure, North Carolina. I loved them!
    I too have been trying to make them at home and can not duplicate the texture of the shell, let alone the cajun flavor.
    (I wish I’d known how good they were, I would have purchased several bags!)
    I sure would like to be more successful at making them at home.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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