Free La Roux tracks!

La RouxLa Roux is a British electropop synth duo consisting of writer and producer Ben Langmaid and singer and synth player Elly Jackson (daughter of Trudie Goodwin, the actress who played “Sergeant June Ackland” on the illustrious and long-running British police drama The Bill).

After struggling for a time, La Roux have suddenly become one of the hottest bands in the UK; their last two singles, “In For The Kill” and “Bulletproof” hit #2 and #1 on the British charts respectively.

If you liked Blancmange, Human League, Yazoo or Heaven 17, you’ll love La Roux! And for a limited time (jeez – do I sound like a shill or what?) you can download two free tracks from their website!

Just go to their site and look for the “free download” link at the bottom of the page. You’ll need to sign up for their email newsletter to get the tracks; it’s probably best to use a throwaway address for this, but be aware that the link to the free tracks will be sent to that address. Also, I dunno if it matters, but when the signup form asked for my country, I put “United Kingdom” (I was worried about possible “sorry, you can’t download this” licensing issues).

Give La Roux a try… they’re one of the best new bands out there!

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