Random Hottie: Elizabeth Logue

So last night I was messing around on the Internet, like you do, and came across this:

Elizabeth Logue 01

She’s a model from the late 1960s named Elizabeth Logue. If you were around in the early 1970s, you might remember her better from this:

Elizabeth Logue 02

Yes, she was the beautiful girl from the opening credits to Hawaii Five-O. I remember her as one of the very first girls I found pretty when I was a kid.

Logue was not, by the way, the “hula girl” from the credits. That was Helen Kuoha-Torco, who went on to become professor of business technology at Windward Community College in Kaneohe, Hawai’i. I can’t seem to find any information about what happened to Logue (although I’ll admit that I didn’t look very hard).

Here’s another (tiny) pic of Logue on the cover of Life magazine from October 8, 1965:

Elizabeth Logue 03

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  1. Hi Jim,

    I haven’t heard back from Elizabeth lately, but I did just mail her a music soundtrack that hopefully will bring a smile to her face or evoke some nostalgic memories of a time, around age 19 or so, when she first appeared in that obscure film that Carlito refers to above. I doubt that she was aware of the fact that, for the first time in over 50 years, a digitally remastered CD has been released for the soundtrack of Odissea Nuda. I purchased it myself, and although it’s more orchestral, easy listening in nature, and a bit like elevator music to me, it is beautifully composed and has grown on me over time. The artist, Angelo Francesco Lavagnino, is extremely well renowned and has produced many quality soundtracks for Italian films. There is a beautifully done insert containing liner notes with all kinds of images from the film, including several great closeups of Elizabeth. Here is a link if anyone is interested:


    In reply to Carlito above, yes, I have seen that image before in reference to Odissea Nuda, however, it does not really look like Liz. I could be very wrong…as it’s hard to tell from various images I have researched on the net. I think that one in particular could be a pic resembling one of one of several island beauties, besides Elizabeth, who were cast in the film and who I have seen in various promotional movie posters. But, you could be right…after staring at it for a bit, I can see some resemblance. I’ll follow up this post with a few links that might clarify the situation. Thanx for hosting this forum Jim!

  2. On this ‘movie lobby card’, I believe Elizabeth can be seen in the two cards on the bottom, left and right, the one where she is placing a Lei around the neck of Enrico Salerno, and also the image directly above that one, (second from the bottom, right column): http://tinyurl.com/bvskbzm

  3. Here’s a fantastic image that I found on the official site of lead actor Enrico Maria Salerno. I read an interview where Patricia Dolores Donlon, American film actress and model who appeared in this film with him, called him the Italian Marlon Brando of that time. Here he is, sitting opposite Elizabeth Logue. I suspect this scene says it all without any dialog — mutual flirtation! I am so jealous…if that was me, I would have proposed right then and there! lol…http://tinyurl.com/d8hczgp

  4. Okay, to clarify the island beauties seen in the film Italian film, Odissea Nuda, I found a movie poster that illustrates several of the key cast members. IMHO, Elizabeth Logue is most definitely pictured as the SECOND cast member moving down from the top right. The other young ladies, 3 of them I believe, are Nathalie Grasse, Vaea Bennett, and Pauline Grasse. The leading lady is Patricia Dolores Donlon, and I think Enrico Salerno, the lead male actor must be lower right, although this pic doesn’t really look like him. Something doesn’t look right there…it doesn’t look like Enrico, but I could be wrong. As to Liz Logue, she is unmistakably the most attractive women on this poster, second from the top…I’m fairly sure. http://www.notrecinema.com/images/cache/l-odyssee-nue-_348478_34102.jpg

  5. Correction above! I’m so sorry for mis-spelling of cast names…that’s what I get when I post on a blog after a couple glasses of wine! lol…..Corrected post above should state: “The other young ladies, 3 of them I believe, are Nathalie Gasse, Vaea Bennett, and Pauline Rey.”

    Jim, feel free to alter posts above to reflect my errors. Also, please don’t hesitate to delete needless tedium. I monopolized your blog to a great extent, and please clean it up if it’s too busy. I think I put to bed that Elizabeth Logue is still alive, but it was overkill, and looking back on it, it will probably bore the masses. Please just edit and delete as you see fit, to keep this blog from getting too lost in detail. Best, Ray

  6. Hi Tiffany,

    Yes, I believe that Elizabeth had two sons, probably born in the early sixties. The age you cite for her younger son seems close, but I think he might be just a couple years older, late forties I suspect. He has popped up here and there online to let everyone know that he is her son, and that she is still alive and well. I can tell he has great affection, love and pride for his mom. Having lost my mother on the very day and year that Elizabeth lost her mom, I can very much relate to the bond between mother and child. I also believe her other oldest son is around 50 or so. I might be off by a couple years, so don’t take this as gospel, as it’s based on circumstantial stuff and the chronology of her life during the early sixties. Although I know their names, I will not disclose any more info of a personal nature regarding her family out of respect for Liz and her privacy. I received a very thoughtful, kind, and profound letter from Elizabeth that impressed upon me her deep need and appreciation for privacy. Let’s all enjoy this blog, along with the unique, beautiful images of this sixties icon. At the same time, while reminiscing about a bygone era, I would encourage everyone to try and keep her present lifestyle and family situation in perspective, void of too much speculation and curious intrusion. I think she really appreciates the resurgent interest, but absolutely embraces her seclusion and staying out of the limelight.

  7. I’m watching the entire original Hawaii Five-O. Amazingly, the opening scenes in which she is so central distinguishes it, and was an important aspect of its success, by setting the stage and the mood. She is stupefyingly beautiful – a Hawaiin gem. She probably had NO idea that the one-day’s work continue to give happiness to audiences 30 years on. Please thank her.

  8. I too think Elizabeth is a simply stunning beauty!! Here is a youtube clip of her in a 1966 Hawaii Tourist film… Enjoy!

  9. Elizabeth Logue was married to George Logue until his passing in 1997. She is since remarried living in California. She has two sons and to my knowledge, one grandson.

  10. Hi Sydney,

    With all due respect, Elizabeth had a second husband until 1997 or so, a very long marriage, and it was not to George Logue. I prefer not to mention his name. She then remarried, to her third husband around that time. As you suggested, she did have two boys with her first husband, George Logue, and she has a grandson, to the best of my knowledge. George Logue has in fact passed away. As to speculating where she lives today, I will not disclose nor confirm your claim, as I promised her I would not reveal her current name nor location out of respect for her privacy. She is very happy and enjoying her sunset years. I did receive a note from her awhile back, acknowledging my correspondence and am also in contact with her college friend. Hope this helps.


  11. Hi Ray,
    I have hidden my identity for a good reason. :) I happen to be very close to her grandson, whose name begins with an S. We have known each other for awhile now and this is the information that I have gathered since knowing him. I have met his father and he is a wonderful man. The husband of hers that passed in 1997 died on her Grandson’s birthday in August and from my knowledge it was George. She lives near Los Angeles now with her new husband although I do not recall his name. Is there anyway that I can confirm to you that I am in fact telling the truth and not some crazed “fan”?

  12. Hi Sydney,

    No reason would I ever think you are a crazed fan, and I have no doubt what you are saying, however, I’m privy to some info that I found on the internet and which was later confirmed by the correspondence I shared with a woman who went to college with Elizabeth. I actually was able to put her in touch with Elizabeth, since they had not seen nor heard from each other in over 50 years. Because I have perceived that Elizabeth is very private, maybe even publicity shy, I absolutely will not ever divulge anything that I have learned through accident or familiarity with her of from her college friend. I do know she was married to a second husband, after George, and is now married to her third. It was her second husband whom she remain married to for many years, and who helped raise her two sons. Yes, I learned that George did pass away, but I also am very sure of her second marriage which followed George. The name of her second husband is probably a sensitive issue, as is her location, and current name. I absolutely cannot and will not say more, since that kind of info could lead to curiosity seekers on her whereabouts. I think I saw a post by her current husband somewhere online which spoke volumes about his love for her…you’re right. He seems like a terrific guy and I wish them only the very best. I received one very nice and brief correspondence from Elizabeth, thanking me for my goodwill and respect for her privacy, which made my day. My only wish was to put her in touch with her friend from her college days, who wanted to know if she was still alive. Through some fortuitous circumstances and a contact with an extended relative, I was able to locate her, and put the two of them in touch. That’s all I know and wish to say.

  13. It has been awhile since I last posted on here, and it’s time to liven up this blog with a very fascinating video clip that I recently found online. I believe, for the first time ever since the rare and obscure film Nude Odyssey first appeared on 35 mm in the early 1960s, a digital color trailer for the film has now been released online. I have no idea if this is a precursor for a digital release of the film online, but I have seen a few references to the film possibly being available under an Italian label, which may require a subscription to watch. I’m not sure though and I haven’t tried to download it. The trailer may simply be an initial marketing tool to gauge any potential interest, and if economically feasible, the entire film itself may one be available for viewing online or on DVD.

    This film represents the very earliest images you will ever find of the beautiful Elizabeth Logue, that Jim Cofer has so kindly agreed to host on this blog. Released circa 1961 or so, I would guess Elizabeth had just finished college and was now on location in Tahiti, age 20 or 21, based on her date of birth. Without going into a lot of detail, which you can find on your own by googling the film title, Elizabeth appeared as a romantic love interest opposite Enrico Salerno, a famed and very prolific Italian actor who appeared in over 120 films before his passing in 1994. Described by actress Dolores Donlon as another Marlon Brando, he can be seen in this trailer clip, opposite Elizabeth Logue, in several flirtatious exchanges, just before the video suddenly ends, teasingly enticing us to want to see more of what may evolve between them.

    This rare film, although hardly of any known interest to most of us, does have a few European cultists, who ostensibly are trying to expose us to something uniquely fascinating, rare, and widely overlooked. The rarity of the film however does not detract from the fact that it actually garnered several award nominations, including a Silver Ribbon for best cinematography. If you ever google movie posters for this film, you will notice just how expensive they are, due to the rarity factor, and obscure content.

    Below is the YouTube trailer of Nude Odyssey, otherwise known as:

    1. Oddisea Nuda
    2. L’odyssee Nue
    3. Diary of a Voyage in the South Pacific
    4. Love — Tahiti Style

    At precisely 3:21, Elizabeth Logue emerges from a small boat, and coyly glances back at Enrico as he gazes upon her with raptured attention.

    At precisely 5:38, Enrico passes by Elizabeth and stares intently at her while she lays next to a sibling, only to be quickly shuttled away by his impatient host intent on keeping them apart and escorting him to his guest quarters.

    Finally, Elizabeth invites herself to where he will spend the evening and they have an interestingly playful interlude in a dialect neither of them understand. As she removes the flower from her hair, and Enrico looks longingly upon her exotic beauty and enjoys her subtle flirtation, the trailer ends.


    I look forward to your discussion. Isn’t she the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen? I think so.

  14. Hello ray. I’m not sure who you are but I would like to talk with you . I would like to know more about ms. Logue

  15. Ms logue seems lovely in every possible way. Her voice is so warm and peaceful! I love the film she narrates about Hawaii on 1966. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Hi Ray, how do I ask you a question about Elizabeth that is private and prefer to keep it between you and me?

  17. Hi Claudia..just provide Jim Cofer with your email address and permission for me to contact you and I’ll drop you a line. Best, Ray

  18. Ray,

    I received your message and here’s my email address. Hope you receive it. Mahalo.

  19. For the first time since the early sixties, Odissea Nuda, which featured a very young Elizabeth Logue, circa 1960-61, was featured during a one time screening on Oct 19 2015, at the Rome Film Festival. This brief synopsis and photo shows actor Enrico Salerno and another Tahitian actress who appeared in the film (not Elizabeth Logue). A soundtrack for the film has already been released, which I alluded to earlier in this blog. There are now several clips of the film online which can be viewed, and the film restoration in brilliant color is of phenomenal quality. I hope someday we will be able to view it online, or by DVD.


  20. See my previous comment above. Clips for Odissea Nuda to follow. In clip 2, you will see the beautiful Elizabeth Logue emerging from a small boat, and flirtatiously glancing back at Enrico Salerno, and later in the same clip, you see her lying on a bed cot, and gazing intently at Enrico as he is led away to his quarters by a hostess. I believe clip 5 features Vaea Bennett (the second Tahitian girl who appears at the end of the clip), who met Marlon Brando and was rumored allegedly to have been offered a minor role in the film Mutiny on the Bounty.

    Clip 1 – http://trovacinema.repubblica.it/multimedia/copertina/odissea-nuda-clip-1/33551062/1/1

    Clip 2 – http://trovacinema.repubblica.it/multimedia/film/odissea-nuda-clip-2/33551067/1/6

    Clip 4 – http://trovacinema.repubblica.it/multimedia/film/odissea-nuda-clip-4/33551072/1/1

    Clip 5 – http://trovacinema.repubblica.it/multimedia/copertina/odissea-nuda-clip-5/33551077/1/1

  21. George Logue was well known on the Island of Moorea. He designed and built a beautiful home on the windward side of Moorea and collaborated on many resorts on the island. My wife and I spent 2 glorious weeks at the Moorea Lagoon in 1981. George also played piano at the resort. One day we rented a car from the resort and as we were leaving, we met George coming into the resort. George suggested we picnic at his place a few miles west of the resort. We took him up on is offer and had a great day all to ourselves. I seem to remember George looked somewhat like Hoagy Carmichael.

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