Copying a Spreadsheet as an Image

Have you ever wanted or needed to copy a spreadsheet (or part of a spreadsheet) as an image? Maybe you used Excel to input a bunch of data and created some spiffy graph that you’d like to export as an image file to a Word document. Using one very easy – but almost universally unknown – trick, you can do this. Just open the spreadsheet in question and navigate to the worksheet you’d like to copy (NOTE: if you only want to copy a portion of the data, make sure the cells in question are highlighted). Then hold down the SHIFT key and click Edit > Copy Picture. A small box will then appear asking if you want the data copied either as it would appear on the screen or as it would appear when printed. Pick your poison. Then use image manipulation software like Photoshop or MS Paint (included free on every computer running Windows) to paste the new image. You can also paste the image directly into Word or whatever program you’d like.

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