DOWNLOAD: Pat O’Brien Is A Coked-Up Pervert!

Pat O'BrienOK, so maybe is the last site on the entire Internet to get the news about this, but hey – better late than never, right? It seems that Pat O’Brien – famed sportscaster and host of The Insider and former host of Access Hollywood – has a wee bit of a problem with alcohol, cocaine and sexual harassment. It appears that Pat once harassed a woman via voicemail, repeatedly making obscene requests and telling her what nasty things he wanted to do with her – including getting it on with another female friend of O’Brien’s and “getting some coke”. Of course, this woman wasn’t stupid – she recorded all of his voicemails – which have leaked onto the Internet and can be downloaded here. (NOTE: file is a 2.4MB zipped WMA). Let this be a lesson to all the would-be sleazebags out there – be careful who you harass!

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