5 Replies to “Wow – Grace Kelly in glasses!”

  1. am so glad mr jim jofer captured the above picture of princess grace

    in glasses. it is so beautiful and awesome! i hope we can have another

    grace kelly in our generation. thank you so much mr cofer for sharing

    with us this photo!

  2. I love those photos too, that was a photo shoot at the Palace in Monaco for LOOK magazine. My beautiful cousin had it over everyone around here when it came to beauty, inside and out. The weird thing is that she never really thought or knew she was beautiful, which i think just adds to her good looks. She did so many kind things without asking for applause (or any cameras near by), there is just no one like her. I’m happy new generations are discovering her. 🙂

  3. @James, i still believe that Hitchcock shot Ms Bel Geddes the way he did, in the opening of “Vertigo”, so we would think maaayybe Grace Kelly was in the film 🙂 Do yes – you’re definitely onto something 😉

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