Free SMS Sports Scores!

Have you ever been out and about and wanted a sports score?

If you’ve got one of those slick new smartphones with a speedy 3G connection, it’s not a problem. But if you’re stuck with a regular old cell phone, mobile Internet is slow as hell, and downright painful to use. If you open your mobile web browser during the second quarter of a football game, chances are good that the game will be over by the time the score finally appears on your screen!

So that leaves SMS. There are dozens of free services out there that will send you sports scores via text message. The only problem with most of them is that you have to “sign up” for their service, which means that you’ll get the scores every Sunday – sometimes multiple times if you sign up for a service that sends you updates every quarter, or every time someone scores. This is also annoying, as at least eight Steelers games have been shown on local TV this year. Few things annoy me more than getting text message scores… about a game I’m watching on TV!

That’s why I’ve really taken a shine to 4INFO’s SMS sports score service. While you can sign up to get scores all season long, you can also use it on demand! Just text the name of your team (e.g. “Steelers”) to 44636 (4INFO) and, in around 15 seconds, they’ll send you the score! The service currently supports NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, PGA, NASCAR and NCAA football and basketball. They even have some “advanced features” too, like rankings, standings and schedules.

Check out this page for more information!

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