Rumrunners Super Burger Dog Recipe

A burger? A dog?? NO! It’s a Super Burger Dog.

Thanks to QBabe for this wonderful idea! I’ll give a brief explaination and let the pics explain themselves. After the pics, I’ll give some hints/changes for doing them again. My apologies to the dial up posters 🙁

I used 3 1/4 oz of plain straight Ground Chuck for each one. Flattened out to just a tad longer than the dog. I added a couple slices of Colby Jack cheese and then molded the burger around the dog and the cheese. Just a sprinkling of S n P and garlic powder on the burger first. I pinched the ends tight and rolled a slice of bacon around the burgerdog and fastened each end with a toothpick. I then dusted lightly with Dizzy Pigs Dizzy Dust for added flavor. Cow Lick would also be excellent. I put the finished product in the freezer for approx 45 minutes to ‘set up’ and be easier to handle for the grill.

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