Episcopalian Idiocy

If you wonder why I consider myself “Anglican” and not “Episcopalian”, look no further than this idiotic post from Dan Thomas Edwards, Bishop of Nevada. Normally quoting a single line from a long post is a sign of weakness on behalf of the quoter. It smacks of taking something out of context, much like how commercials for bad movies only have single word quotes from movie reviews. But this one small quote is all you really need:

The journalists are exclusively interested in our actions dealing with the inclusion of partnered gay and lesbian couples in the life of the Church. We passed two such resolutions. I voted for both of them. Some of you may think we went too far. Others may think we did not go far enough. That is perfectly ok. As Episcopalians, we are free to hold different beliefs about issues of doctrine. [emphasis mine]

No, good sir, we are not. Doctrine is fundamental – that’s why they call it doctrine. I believe the word the good bishop should have used is “adiaphora”, which is something “not regarded as essential to faith, but nevertheless as permissible for Christians or allowed in church” (Wiki). That the bishop of Nevada could be so wrong about something so basic is just mind numbing… or at least it should be. Nothing TEC does surprises me any more.

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