Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-23

  • 3 hours 'til the season premiere of Mad Men!! #
  • 1 hour 'til the season premiere of Mad Men!! #
  • @terrinh73 Rachel Maddow is Eli Manning in disguise! #
  • My Mad Men recapreview is up: #
  • My "Mad Men" recap-review is up: #
  • @diablocody You know F. Murray Abraham was one of those Fruit of the Loom guys in the 70s, right? #
  • Happy Birthday, Bittle! 🙂 #
  • If a dog develops pica, how do you know? #
  • Test #
  • Sneaking off to the movies to see "Inglorious Basterds"! #
  • Was outside smoking and saw a cloud that looked like the monster from "Alien"! #
  • "It's never enough until your heart stops beating" #
  • getting ready for a busy night! #
  • @Dish – Heading to the cook-out soon! #

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