FRIDAY FUN: Simpsons go African!

The Simpsons might be celebrating their 20th year on the air here in the US this December, but the show has never been aired before in Africa… but not for long. Digital provider DStv will begin airing the show next month in Angola and, to celebrate, the network has “Africanized” the family in all its advertising:

Angola Simpsons

Notice that Snowball the cat is missing entirely, the end tables have been replaced with giant, 70s-style speakers, and the “yacht picture” behind the sofa has been replaced with one showing a Serengeti elephant scene. Marge’s hair is now jet black, Lisa is sporting braids, and Bart… well, Bart apparently has a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air-era fade. Note also that the entire family are wearing Angolan-style flip-flops.

In case you’re curious, the “Africanized” Simpsons will only appear in advertisements; they’ll still be yellow when the show actually airs in a few weeks.


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