BREAKING NEWS: Jill Wagner Still Hot!

Just to let you guys know, my current  #1 celebrity crush – Wipeout correspondent and Mercury car spokeswoman Jill Wagner – is still hot:

Jill Wagner: Still Hot 0
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More pictures after the jump!

Jill Wagner: Still Hot 02
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Jill Wagner: Still Hot 03
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Jill Wagner: Still Hot 04
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It’s kind of funny looking at her yfrog photo stream (pictures she takes with her iPhone and shares on Twitter). Her family is from rural North Carolina, so when she goes home she snaps pictures of chickens roaming in the front yard.  When this gets mixed in with other pictures of her in sunny Los Angeles and hanging out with movie stars… well, it’s kind of amusing. For example, here’s Jill at her parent’s house, posing with her Dad’s shotguns:

Jill Wagner: Still Hot 05
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Man, she is so cute!

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