Rapidfire Saturday…

Not much more than a bunch of links for today, but fear not… it’s all pretty cool stuff!

This site has a handy World Cup calendar. It’s round, see, and it lets you quickly find matches based on the date, stadium, or team. If you’re at all interested in the matches (let me be honest, my own interest is quickly fading), then this calendar is for you:

World Cup calendar– Music festivals are a big business in the UK. As far as accommodations go, most festival goers have to make do with a tent and sleeping bag. But now Britain’s rich and influential can enjoy a Yurtel, a high-end tent with a king-sized bed, freshly cut flowers, and chocolates:

Yurtel– Speaking of the UK, a British company called Fredericks Dairies has not only come out with a fish and chips flavor of ice cream (and yes, it actually tastes like fish and chips), check out their presentation:

Fish and Chips ice creamCute! Although I like to say that I’d try anything once, I’m not sure fish and chips ice cream is for me. I’ll stick to Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Brittle ice cream for now (it’s a new flavor, and it’s realllllyy good!)

– And lastly, hipsters torn between buying “cool” vinyl records and “practical” compact discs can rejoice now that electronic/dance musician Jeff Mills has released a hybrid record\CD. You’ve gotta admit, it sure looks pretty cool:

Record\CD hybrid

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