FRIDAY FUN: Annabel Port

There’s an old saying in the broadcast industry that “[he or she] has a face for radio”. The meaning of this is clear: people with broadcasting skills (but not good looks) end up in radio, whilst people with broadcasting skills and good looks end up in television. By and large, the saying is true: all the Photoshop skills in the world just won’t make Sheri Lynch, Cooper Lawrence, Randi Rhodes, Leslie Fram, Don Imus, or even Howard Stern attractive.

I might have found the one exception to the rule in Annabel Port, the sidekick of Geoff Lloyd on Absolute Radio (formerly Virgin Radio) in the UK. She’s funny, her accent is sexy… and she’s pretty cute:

Annabel Port 01

Two more pics after the jump.

Annabel Port 02

Annabel Port 03

Check out her Wikipedia page or her bio page at Absolute Radio.

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