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I generally try to stay away from politics on this site, mostly because it’s so polarizing. If you don’t like Mad Men reviews, you can just skip over them and not think anything of it. However, political issues tend to excite people’s passions, and I don’t want to alienate readers. So I tend to stay away usually. Usually. But sometimes things just get get my blood pressure up, and I need to vent. And today is one of those days.

First of all, can someone explain to me how Arizona’s proposed illegal immigration law is not a legitimate exercise of a sovereign state’s police powers? See, here’s my line of thinking: back in the 1950s, various Southern states chose to ignore the federal integration laws. So the Feds sent in troops to ensure that Southern universities allowed blacks to enroll. So a state ignored a federal law, and the Feds decided to enforce the law. And the liberals thought this was a good thing. But when the Feds decided to ignore their own immigration laws, Arizona decided to take their own initiative. So the Feds ignored their own law, and a state decided to pass a law to remedy the situation… and now the liberals are calling foul. So which is it – can one sovereign pass a law when another sovereign willfully chooses to ignore an existing statute or not?

And why is it that when GOP candidate Rick Perry decides to go to a Christian retreat, the mainstream media cries foul and doubles their ink orders… but when candidate Obama met with members of the New Black Panthers that same media completely ignores it. What’s more, when those same Black Panthers were accused of some of those most blatant voter intimidation ever seen in the United States, Obama’s friend and Attorney General Eric Holder somehow decided not to prosecute anyone for it. And yes, this is the same Eric Holder who recently lied to Congress about the so-called “Operation Fast and Furious” (in a nutshell, the ATF allowed over 2,000 guns to be sold to people it knew worked for the Mexican drug cartels as a means of making a bigger legal case against the cartels; at least two US Border Patrol and ICE agents were killed with guns ATF allowed to be smuggled into Mexico, to say nothing of the dozens of Mexicans who died thanks to the operation). Holder told Congress, under oath, that the first he’d heard of Fast and Furious was around April 2011, but CBS News found documents which indicate that Holder was briefed on the operation as early as July 2010.

Say what you will about George W. Bush. Hey, he wasn’t my favorite guy, either. In fact, he’s the reason I changed my voter registration from Republican to Libertarian. But at least when Bush wanted to kill American citizens, he did it the old-fashioned way: by sending troops to Iraq and Afghanistan to get shot or blown up. Obama hasn’t got the honor or stones to do that, so he just uses Predator drones to kill American citizens. Yes, Anwar al-Awlaki was a bad person. He was on every terror watch list there is, and the world is probably a better place without him. But it’s astonishing that no one seems to give a damn that the Obama administration, under the advice of the CIA, essentially executed an American citizen without a trial or due process of any kind. This, from the same people who crucified the Bush administration’s policies in the media. Dick Cheney wants an apology from them, and personally I think he’s due one. I also can’t wait until Obama deploys Predators here in the United States so they can execute his political enemies as well. And hey, perhaps he can follow Bev Perdue’s advice and suspend elections until he gets his way.

What the fuck happened to America?

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  1. I think you went a lot over the edge with the whole “deploying Predators against his political enemies in America”, but otherwise – ditto. Cain / Paul 2012.

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