Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-15

  • Let's go Falcons! 🙂 #
  • @Ihnatko POWs get due process now? #
  • And, once again, Ike Taylor screws over the Steelers. That guy is approaching "The Quarterback Who Must Not Be Named" status. #
  • @john_simm Welcome to Twitter, John! #
  • There's a difference between losing and getting your ass beat. LSU, you just got your ass beat. Bad. #
  • Caught a bit of NPR today and remembered why I don't listen to them any more. (more) #
  • Heard a story about [fake French accent] "Nee-ko-lahs Sahr-koh-ZEE" and [fake German accent] "Ahn-gel-uh Mehr-Khul". (more) #
  • I GET what they're tryong to do, but you come off sounding like a pretentious college douchebag instead of a serious reporter. #
  • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Saint Etienne (21), Marsheaux (15) & Cocteau Twins (14) #
  • Almost caught up with #HellOnWheels #
  • @ginnygoodwin Thick can mean "In with or with deep". Thieves tend to stick together due to their profession, hence "thick as thieves". #
  • No, Google… I'm searching for BETTY BOO, not BETTY BOOP. Idiots. #
  • @DrPizza hehehe It was one of those "wonder what the hell this person is up to" moments! 🙂 #
  • Let's go Aints! #
  • Hate that SF won… But WOW! What a game! #
  • I'm 40 years old. You'd think I'd have learned that musical guests sound like crap on SNL. But no. #
  • Woo-Hoo! #MadMen will premiere on March 25 with a 2-hour episode! Can't wait! #
  • @1outside Yep, it's official! The downside: I'm having friends fly in from NL a few days after that, then we're going on holiday. #
  • @1outside I dunno what'll happen to the recaps! 🙁 #

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