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Below are links to many pages from my old site. These pages were either too dated or simply too much work to convert to the WordPress format. Be advised that many links contained in these pages probably don’t work The page formatting also look wonky due to the fact that the FrontPage theme no longer exists. But the information is there if you wanna see it!

Also, you’ll need to use the “back” button in your browser, since there’s no way to return to this page from within the pages below. Also, the “click here to continue” links on multi-page stories no longer work. So with the “London Travelogue” or “Top 20 Albums” pages, you’ll need to hit the “back” button and come back to this page and click the link for the next page instead of clicking the “Go to next page” link at the bottom of the Travelogue\Album pages.

Blog Archive 2004
Blog Archive 2005
Blog Archive 2006
Blog Archive 2007 (through June)

London 2005 Travelogue (page 1)
London 2005 Travelogue (page 2)
London 2005 Travelogue (page 3)
London 2005 Travelogue (page 4, part 1)
London 2005 Travelogue (page 4, part 2)
London 2005 Travelogue (page 5, part 1)
London 2005 Travelogue (page 5, part 2)
London 2005 Travelogue (page 5, part 3)
London 2005 Travelogue (page 6)

Top 20 Albums – Main Page
Top 20 Albums #20-11
Top 20 Albums #10-1
Top 20 Albums Honorable Mention

Top 10 Movies List

31 Great 80s Movies (and 31 Honorable Mentions!)

Top 10 Celebrity Hot Chicks (May 2005)
Top 10 Celebrity Hot Chicks (June 2005)
Top 10 Celebrity Hot Chicks (August 2005)
Top 10 Celebrity Hot Chicks (October 2005)
Top 10 Celebrity Hot Chicks (November 2005)
Top 10 Celebrity Hot Chicks (February 2006)

Poll Results (results from past “Front Page Polls”)

All About: Firefox
All About: HDTV
All About: Passwords
All About: Record Collecting

Optical Illusion (Page 1)
Optical Illusion (Page 2)
Optical Illusion (Explanation page)

Atlanta-Fulton County Stadium Demolition (story & pictures)
Bittorrent Guide
British English Glossary
(including placename pronunciation)
Cheating at Online Polls
Converting Movies Files From AC3 to MP3 Audio
DVD Encoding Guide
File Format Guide (for downloads)
Fridge Files (What was on my old fridge?)
Fun With Google Earth
Geek Stuff Archive (ancient tips that aren’t very useful these days)
Happy Page (need a lift? Check this page out!)
Hollywood vs. Technology
Model M Keyboard fanpage
Mom’s Medicine Cabinet (and what’s inside it!)
More Fun With Google!
Movie File Types
The Music Biz
My So-Called Job
Poem Number One (a poem from high school)
REVIEW: Aimee Mann’s Lost In Space
REVIEW: Dunk N’ Dine Restaurant
REVIEW: GlengaryGlennRoss DVD
REVIEW: Malata region-free DVD player
REVIEW: Price’s Chicken Coop
REVIEW: Saint Etienne’s Finisterre
REVIEW: Samsung i600 Windows SmartPhone
REVIEW: Scumbuster by Black and Decker
Saint Etienne: The Best Band Ever
Setting Up an Instant Messaging Server
Slipstreaming Office 2003
Slipstreaming Windows 2000 and XP
Star Wars: The Hype Around One Theatre in Atlanta
Texaco Sucks
The Guide To Buying Stuff Online
The Guide To Copying DVDs
The Spooks fanpage
The Weekly Idiot Archive (A newspaper I ran at DEC)
The Widescreen Advocacy Page
What’s in my cube? (Pictures from my old cube at Optio)

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