Two Last Things…

Two last stories to round out the week:

Someone hacked in to RedHat and stole the digital keys the company used to sign their distributions. Oooops! This is a colossal fuck-up of the highest order for a major OS company. It may not mean much to you, but my jaw hit the floor when I read the linked story. Even though I don’t use Linux, it’s still absolutely shocking.

In other news, Swingtown might be headed to cable. It seems that CBS executives really like the show, but just can’t keep it on the Tiffany Network with the ratings it gets. So they’re trying hard to sell it to a cable network. The show was originally supposed to air on Showtime, but was later hacked to fit broadcast TV standards on CBS. Keep your fingers crossed, folks! It’s not without problems, but Swingtown has really grown on me this summer. It’s a good show that deserves to live.

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