Sad News from Myrtle

The Gay Dolphin Gift Cove is a very cheesy gift store in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I made my first visit there in 2009 with some friends – read my review here.

While there, we discovered this ugly-ass pillow:

Gay Dolphin

We went back in 2011, and the pillow was still there:

Myrtle 01 047
(click to embiggen)

And the pillow was still there when Lisa and I went in 2012:

The Saddest Pillow

My friend William went there earlier this year and reported that the ugly pillow was nowhere to be found. Our hearts sank. How could the ugly pillow be gone? Who would have bought it?

In my heart of hearts, I knew the pillow was still there… William just didn’t look hard enough. So when we went back to Myrtle this week, I searched the store high and low for it, but the ugly pillow was gone. Lisa thinks the store put it in one of their infamous “grab bags”, and she’s probably right. But I want to think that the sad pillow is still there, waiting on a sucker someone to buy it.

*     *     *

On a happier note, the Atlanta Braves Nacho Cheese Gift Pack is STILL THERE:

Braves Nacho Gift Set
(click to enlarge)

I’m 99% certain this is the exact same gift pack I referred to in my original review from 2009, and pictured in this post. It has the same “best by” date of 08/31/2008, and has the same 12/06 date code on the price tag:

Braves Gift Pack Close Up
(Click to enlarge: you know you want to!)

Meaning, of course, that this “gift” pack has been sitting on the shelf at Gay Dolphin for almost 8 YEARS!


Little Annoyances #107

Early in the film Pulp Fiction, Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) notices a hamburger that Brett (Frank Whaley) is eating. Jules asks if he can have a bite, and a terrified Brett says that he can.

When Jules picks up the burger, it’s whole:

(click to embiggen)

But when he brings it to his mouth, it’s nearly halfway eaten:

(click to embiggen)

Stupid, I know. But it’s one of those things that, after you notice it, is impossible to unsee.

A Funny Work Story

I’ve mentioned this a few times on the site, but my father owned a wholesale grocery store in downtown Atlanta. I worked there for almost 8 years in the candy department, which was next to the “salty snacks” and drinks section.

Many of my dad’s customers were Korean. Most had thick accents, but a few of them didn’t speak any English at all. Certain Korean shopkeepers would come in to the store and ask me for something like “gungee” or “kungee”. They’d say it like, 5 or 10 times, getting louder each time: “Gungee? Gungee? GUNGEE! GUNGEE!! GUNGEE!!!

Since I didn’t speak Korean, I’d tell them I couldn’t understand them. So they’d helpfully point to their shopping list, which said:korean

Come to find out, they were looking for bags of roasted peanuts.

In case you were wondering, this happened 2-3 times, and the incidents were so spread out (and the customers’ accents so different) that by the time the next guy asked for “kungee”, I’d forgotten about the previous guy who’d asked for “gungee”.


[Thanks to Scooter for reminding me of this story!]

Best Comment Ever?

Soooo… actor Rob Lowe, inexplicably a fan of the Indianapolis Colts and either a friend or acquaintance of team owner Jim Irsay, tweeted today that Peyton Manning would retire. Sports website Deadspin covered the story… and the very first comment on the story was one of the funniest responses to a blog post I’ve ever read:

“This isn’t the first Brat Packer to let an ugly Rumor pop out.”


The first twenty replies to that comment were all either “+1”, “Wow”, “hehehe” or “nice!”