St. Andrews to leave TEC?

Sorry for the lack of Anglican updates lately. Things got awfully quiet on the Internet after GC 2009, mainly because there wasn’t much to say: TEC went their way and the ACNA went its way.

But here are a couple of stories of interest. The first is that St. Andrew’s Church might leave TEC (possibly to join ACNA):

One of the largest congregations in The Episcopal Church, St. Andrew’s Church of Mt. Pleasant, S.C., may by December become one of the largest congregations to renounce its Episcopal ties.

On Oct. 11, St. Andrew’s will begin a 40 Days of Discernment program to discuss whether it should sever ties with The Episcopal Church. The congregation will vote on Dec. 9-16, after spending a week in prayer and fasting.

The second story is that Rowan Williams says that TEC could face some form of “reduced status” in the Anglican Communion:

While “there is no threat of being cast into outer darkness,” Williams said, certain churches, including the Episcopal Church, may have to take a back seat in ecumenical and interfaith dialogue because their views on homosexuality do not represent the larger Anglican Communion.

Whether Rowan is doing this out of the goodness of his own heart (unlikely) or because he can count (much more likely) in unknown.

via One of the largest Episcopal congregations takes steps to sever ties with The Episcopal Church and Rowan Williams: Episcopal Church could face reduced status.

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