Bobby Cox to retire

Bobby CoxI’m not much of a baseball fan, but when I do watch the game, I cheer for the hometown Atlanta Braves. And for the past 19 years, Bobby Cox has been their manager. As of yesterday, Cox had 2,408 wins as manager, and is only one of two managers in major league history to have six 100 win seasons. Although he is most known for taking the Braves to the playoffs for 14 consecutive seasons, he also holds the record for most ejections at 159. And, sadly, he will retire after next season.

It was Cox’s second run as manager of the Braves, after leading the team from 1978-1981.

Thinking about the Braves makes me a bit sad these days. With Skip Caray and now Bobby Cox gone, it’s like the Braves I knew don’t exist any more.

Random fact: Chipper Jones has played for Bobby Cox his entire career.

Mad Men: “Guy Walks Into an Advertising Agency”

This episode begins with Don walking in to Sally’s room. He goes to turn the light off, but Sally begs him not to. Don says that it’s 10:30 and asks why she’s still awake. She says that she’s afraid of what will happen when he turns off the light. Don says that nothing will hurt her… except for the mess in her room. He then picks up her desk lamp, turns it on, and puts it on the floor. He tells her that if she cleans up her room, he’ll buy her a night light. He kisses her goodnight and walks out of the room, turning off the overhead light on his way out.

The next morning the guys at Sterling Cooper fret over a memo that has been circulating throughout the agency:


Pete, Paul and Harry wonder what the meeting is all about. Pete laments that Ken hasn’t arrived yet. John, Lane, Roger, and Bert emerge and stand on the steps. Lane announces that the director and chairman of the board of Putnam, Powell and Lowe will be visiting Sterling Cooper, both as a friendly visit, and to also “evaluate our performance”. John says that the men are due to arrive tomorrow (Tuesday, July 2) at 10:00 am, and that they will stay through Wednesday, July 3. He then apologizes to the employees, because July 3rd was originally meant to be a holiday, but neither he nor the PPL employees were aware of the holiday. Lane then urges everyone to work “at the height of their productivity” and that everything  be in perfect order.

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Congrats, Mad Men!

Congratulations to Matthew Weiner, AMC, Lionsgate, and the cast and crew of Mad Men for winning the Emmy Award for Best Drama for the second year in a row!


The show is simply amazing, and the sheer depth and care everyone puts into it is obvious. Congrats, guys… you deserve it!

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-09-20

  • Man, Jake Delhomme sucks! #
  • Jake Delhomme = QB rating of 14.7 this week! #
  • "Punk poet" Jim Carroll has now joined his friends. He was 60. #
  • I liked that "Sorority Row" movie better when it was called "I Know What You Did Last Summer". #
  • Jimmy Carter: "a disturbing trend directed at the president… equating Obama to Nazi leaders." SERIOUSLY? Where has he been the past 8 … #
  • AWESOME: Kanye West Apology Generator: #
  • DHS '89 folks: I just booked at room for the reunion at for $79! #
  • Gettin TORE UP at the Bucket! #
  • OMG – Erin Andrews in glasses! #
  • Florida gators #
  • One shot of Jameson and Im a Celtic warrior! #
  • Loving the Falcons throwback unis today! #

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St. Andrews to leave TEC?

Sorry for the lack of Anglican updates lately. Things got awfully quiet on the Internet after GC 2009, mainly because there wasn’t much to say: TEC went their way and the ACNA went its way.

But here are a couple of stories of interest. The first is that St. Andrew’s Church might leave TEC (possibly to join ACNA):

One of the largest congregations in The Episcopal Church, St. Andrew’s Church of Mt. Pleasant, S.C., may by December become one of the largest congregations to renounce its Episcopal ties.

On Oct. 11, St. Andrew’s will begin a 40 Days of Discernment program to discuss whether it should sever ties with The Episcopal Church. The congregation will vote on Dec. 9-16, after spending a week in prayer and fasting.

The second story is that Rowan Williams says that TEC could face some form of “reduced status” in the Anglican Communion:

While “there is no threat of being cast into outer darkness,” Williams said, certain churches, including the Episcopal Church, may have to take a back seat in ecumenical and interfaith dialogue because their views on homosexuality do not represent the larger Anglican Communion.

Whether Rowan is doing this out of the goodness of his own heart (unlikely) or because he can count (much more likely) in unknown.

via One of the largest Episcopal congregations takes steps to sever ties with The Episcopal Church and Rowan Williams: Episcopal Church could face reduced status.

My Favorite Bands of 2009

Yes, I know that 2009 isn’t over yet. But it’s getting late in the year, and I’ve already fallen in love with five great bands this year:

Au Revoir Simone (Brooklyn, New York) – Three chicks and a bunch of synthesizers, Au Revior Simone sounds like the illustrations in a child’s book of fairy tales come to life… and I mean that in the best way. David Lynch loves them, and once you hear them you’ll understand why (if Twin Peaks were to be remade today, he’d probably use Au Revior Simone instead of Juliee Cruise for those scenes). This is my favorite song by them by far, and here’s a live version of the same song in HD.

Au Revoir Simone

Asobi Seksu (Brooklyn, New York) – There are so many good bands from Brooklyn these days! This band is two people – Yuki Chikudate and James Hanna, with some friends helping out on occasion. I am completely blown away by this song, which combines the drums and bass from early U2, guitars inspired by the Cocteau Twins, synths from OMD and the kind of breathless female singing made famous by The Sundays and Sixpence None The Richer to create something that not only doesn’t suck, but is actually kind of awesome.

Asobi Seksu

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Some Mad Men News

Set your DVRs! Jon Hamm and January Jones will be on The Oprah Winfrey Show this Monday, September 21st. I don’t know exactly what they’ll be talking about, but the theme of the show is “Oprah Goes Back in Time: The 60s”, so expect a lot of nostalgia about the Cilvil Rights Movement.

Mad Men on Oprah

Also, media buyers and planners have predicted that Mad Men will not only win the Emmy for Best Drama, but that Jon Hamm and Elizabeth Moss will win Emmys for Best Actor and Best Actress, too. They also have predicted that 30 Rock will win for Best Comedy, and that Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin will win for Best Actress and Actor in a comedy series as well.

Fingers crossed!

Hail Emperor Norton!

150 years ago today, Joshua Abraham Norton – one of history’s greatest oddballs – declared himself “Emperor of the United States”. He would also later also declare himself “Protector of Mexico”.

Born in London around 1819, Norton spent most of his childhood in South Africa. In 1849 he moved to San Francisco, where he inherited $40,000 from his father’s estate (just over $1 million in 2008 dollars). Norton turned the $40,000 into $250,000 ($6.4 million) by way of real estate investments… but then disaster struck.

Facing a severe famine, China banned all exports of rice, which caused the price of rice to jump from 4¢ a pound to 36¢ a pound in San Francisco. Smelling a fortune, Norton found out that a ship named Glyde, traveling from Peru, had 200,000 pounds of rice on board. He bought her cargo, sight unseen, for $25,000. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter several other ships from Peru also loaded with rice arrived in San Francisco, causing the “rice bubble” to collapse. Norton spent years fighting against his cargo contract in the courts, and finally lost when the Supreme Court of California ruled against him. Financially ruined, Norton declared bankruptcy in 1858 and left San Francisco.

No one knows for sure exactly where Norton was for the next year, but on September 17, 1859, Norton returned to the city and wrote a letter which was sent to all the leading newspapers in the city:

At the peremptory request and desire of a large majority of the citizens of these United States, I, Joshua Norton, formerly of Algoa Bay, Cape of Good Hope, and now for the last 9 years and 10 months past of S. F., Cal., declare and proclaim myself Emperor of these U. S.; and in virtue of the authority thereby in me vested, do hereby order and direct the representatives of the different States of the Union to assemble in Musical Hall, of this city, on the 1st day of Feb. next, then and there to make such alterations in the existing laws of the Union as may ameliorate the evils under which the country is laboring, and thereby cause confidence to exist, both at home and abroad, in our stability and integrity.

NORTON I, Emperor of the United States

The editor of the San Francisco Bulletin was amused by the letter, and printed it in his paper… and thus, a local legend was born. The citizens of San Francisco indulged him, and “Emperor Norton” spent his days roaming around the streets of his “kingdom” (or, as Norton would say, “inspecting the public works”) in an elaborate uniform given to him by Army officers at the Presidio.

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What a load!

Environmental protesters dumped a load of manure in Jeremy Clarkson’s driveway… but how was anyone able to notice?

Clarkson, who hosts the show Top Gear in which he and others test out a variety of cars, is known for sticking his foot in his mouth almost as often as Prince Philip. Since Clarkson rarely has anything nice to say about Americans, Germans, Asians, small animals, trees, fat people, non-whites, the poor, truck drivers,  or almost anything else (cite), it would be hard for me to tell when the bullshit stops and where Clarkson begins.

Also, Candus Jane Zanghi is a bitch. Not quite as bitchy as Cintra Wilson, but a bitch all the same.

Science Roundup

This is a picture of “earthquake lights”:


As early as 373 BC, people have claimed to see similar aurora-like lights in the sky during (and sometimes before) earthquakes. Scientists are at a loss for what those lights might be. Some think that they’re electrically charged gasses released into the atmosphere by fissures in the earth’s crust. Others think that stress on the tectonic plates from the earthquake somehow messes with the earth’s magnetic field and causes the lights. Since the lights are often seen in China, some geologists guess that the lights might be caused by sparks from compressed quartz in the ground. At the end of the day, no one really knows, so your guess is almost as good as someone with a PhD from MIT… which is kind of cool.

And what the hell is this:

New Montauk Monster

According to this article in the Daily Mail, it’s a photograph of some as yet unidentified creature snapped by teenagers in Panama. The creature is drawing comparisons with the Montauk Monster, an unidentified creature found on Long Island, New York in July 2008. However, there were several immediate candidates for what the Montauk Monster might have been: a raccoon, an unusually large opossum, a dog, or perhaps a rodent (whatever it was, it has spent a considerable amount of time in the water, which altered its appearance and made identification difficult). No such guessing is possible for this strange creature, although many are calling it an outright prank or a “lost film prop” (the teenagers claimed to beat it to death with sticks, so if that’s true, then “film prop” is right out).

And finally, there are new pictures from Hubble and the first pictures from the Planck telescope to feast your eyes on.