Redman promoted

In a move that’s sure to please a large number of Steelers fans (including yours truly), the team today promoted Isaac Redman from the practice squad to the full-time roster.

You might recall Redman having an excellent pre-season with the team, once running the ball into the endzone four out of five times in goal-line drills against the first team defense. You might also recall the pre-season game against the Panthers, when Redman scored a touchdown, dragging 3 or 4 of the Panthers’ first string defenders with him.

I’m pretty excited about the move. Maybe Redman doesn’t have the overall talent of Fast Willie or Mendenhall, but he certainly has more desire than the both of them combined, which certainly counts for something. Sadly, defensive end Nick Eason was let go to make room for Redmon. Eason certainly wasn’t the best player who ever lived, but he was certainly a capable back-up.