FRIDAY FUN: Old and New Hotness

Not a whole lot going on here at the house – I’m in the midst of the Great MP3 Cleanup of 2010, and checking the artwork and dates on 14,000 files takes a surprising amount of time (sarcasm) – so I’ll just post two quick pics.

Dita von Teese posted this pic on her Twitpic account. It’s apparently a very young Dita in her “first corset”:

Old Dita von Teese pic

What do ya think? I like her hair! Sure black is good, but variety is good also.

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REVIEW: Flip Burger Boutique

I subscribe to a blog called A Hamberger Today, which discusses such eternal topics as “regular bun vs. ciabatta bun” or “mayo vs. no mayo”. They also review burger joints and link to other reviews of such places. So when I saw glowing reviews of a place called Flip Burger Boutique in my original hometown of Atlanta, I just knew I had to go there over the Christmas holidays. As luck would have it, Lisa wanted to meet an old friend (who now lives outside Chattanooga) at some point midway between Atlanta and that city… so I had the Sunday after Christmas free. My Dad offered to take me to Flip in exchange for some computer lessons. Score!

Flip Burger Boutique (exterior)

We got there around 1:30 or so on a Sunday afternoon. The place was swingin’ – so much so that the line was out the door! We faced around a half hour wait for a table, but thankfully two spots opened up at the bar, so we were able to sit immediately.

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Win7: “God Mode”

Here’s a new Windows 7 tip that’s been flying around the Internet:

If you want to have a single folder where you can access almost any setting you’d ever need, just create a new folder wherever you’d like and give it the following name:


This will create a folder which contains quick links to every Control Panel option, Windows 7’s “Action Center”, the “Backup and Restore” applet, Autorun settings, desktop gadgets, “Devices and Printers” and more.

I have to kind of laugh at the name, though. It’s not really “God Mode”, especially since you could simply type the name of any of these applets into the search box on the Start Menu. But still, if you’re a tweaker who likes having everything at his or her fingertips, then maybe “God Mode” is for you!

Good and Well

Look, I don’t know of a easy way to say this, so I’m just gonna come right out and say it: judging by the way I hear people speak up here, the North Carolina public school system has apparently done a horrible job in explaining the difference between “good” and “well”. So let’s see if I can clear up some of the confusion for you:

“Good” is typically used as an adjective. Adjectives modify nouns. So you’d say “That was a good dinner” or “He is a good quarterback”.

“Well” is typically used as an adverb. Adverbs modify verbs. So you’d say “He cooks well” or “He throws the ball well”.

It’s all quite simple, no? Well, the English language being what it is, there’s an exception to this rule, and that’s when linking verbs get thrown in the mix. Most verbs imply some kind of action (like “cooks” or “throws”). But some verbs simply link a noun with a state of being. Words such as “appears”, “seems”, “looks’, “tastes”, “grows”, and most forms of “to be” (“am”, “is”, “are”, “was”) are such linking verbs, and you can use either “good” or “well” (“I feel good” or “I’m well, thanks”) in some cases, but not all.

So how do you know which one to use?

In most cases, if it’s a simple adjective you use “good” and “well” if it’s a simple adverb. If it’s a linking verb, simply remove the verb in question and replace it with “am”, “is” or “are”. If the resulting sentence makes sense, use “good”; if it makes no sense, use “well”. For example, “the pizza looks good” would become “the pizza is good”, which makes perfect sense. On the other hand, “the bunny smelled the grass but decided not to eat any” would become “the bunny is the grass but decided not to eat any”, which makes no sense, so you’d then say that the “bunny smelled the grass well”.

A Stupid Navigator Tip

I’ve spent a lot of time on this site bashing Time Warner Cable’s Navigator DVR software, and with good reason. It sucks.

But in the interest of fairness, let me share this tip with you I picked up the other day:

To quickly move to a future date in the Program Guide, simply press the right arrow key and then (quickly) press a number button for the day you want to skip ahead to. For example, if you want to skip ahead 6 days in the guide, just press the right arrow key and then press 6.

It’s kind of neat, and saves keypresses over using the “Day” button once you go over two days.

First News Dump of 2010

– A South Dakota woman named Marguerite Engle tried to break the US intoxication record by passing out in her truck with a blood alcohol content of .708, which is nine times the .08 limit to operate a motor vehicle in most states. Hell, .50 is fatal for most people… but not Marguerite! And lest you think there was some kind of error with the Breathalyzer machine, the cops took a blood sample from her once they got those crazy readings, and the lab confirmed the .708 reading. Marguerite just barely missed the record – .720 – set by a woman in Oregon in 2008. Read more about it here.

– It might seem like a basically harmless prank, but the latest food trend sweeping the nation might actually be a serious felony. It seems that pranksters are adding copious amounts of baking soda to half empty ketchup bottles in restaurants, causing the condiment to explode on the next hapless diner who opens the bottle. Although no one has been injured (aside from ruined clothing), tampering with foodstuffs is a felony offense in many states. So think long and hard before pulling this prank yourself!

– The year 2009 might be remembered for many things, but it will also go down as the first year video games outsold movies in the UK. According to the latest figures, British consumers spent $2.8 billion on video games and $1.93 billion on movies (which includes all DVD\Blu-Ray sales and box office receipts).

– Have you ever seen outrageously mispriced items on Amazon and wondered what it would be like to actually order them? Brian Klug has, and when he spotted the copy of the Discovery Channel’s ‘Cells’ CD-ROM for sale at the low-low price of $2,904,980,000, he decided to order just for kicks. Amazon has already charged his credit card for shipping, but not for the CD-ROM disc itself, which is not sold by Amazon but rather a reseller, suburbanbooks. This article has the lowdown on the story, complete with humorous exchanges from Reddit.

– Google’s Street View cameras catch everything… even a man picking up hookers!