Ashes to Ashes: Season 3, Episode 5

Episode 5 begins with Alex having a dream. The dream is of a TV commercial for Sam Tyler’s “sexy jacket”. The ad copy, read by Hunt, says “He’s stylish. He’s modern. He knows what he wants… and he gets it.”:


She’s nudged awake by Gene. The two are on a stakeout, trying to bust some porn smugglers. He starts up the Quattro and takes off.

Meanwhile, Ray and Chris practice their dance moves while awaiting for Shaz to spot their target. She calls on the radio, and the two take off towards a now-parked truck, where two men look through a giant box of porn videos. Gene and Alex pull up in the Quattro, guns drawn, and the men take off down the street, only to be stopped by Ray and Chris. A third man jumps out of the truck and runs the opposite way. Alex pulls out her gun but does not fire. Gene says that they’ll run the man over instead. Before they can get too far, a black car comes rushing around a corner with the third man grasping to the hood for dear life. The car stops near the Quattro, and the third man flies off. Two men then get out of the black car: DCI Litton and DI Bevan for the Manchester Police CID.

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For the Breaking Bad fans

A Flickr user from Albuquerque has posted several pictures he or she took from sites all over the city. Each has appeared in the AMC show Breaking Bad, and most have a caption explaining what the site is in real life, how it was used in the show, and what episode it appeared in.

For example, here’s some empty retail space in a strip mall that became Saul’s office:

Saul's Office

Check out the rest of the pics here… it’s worth the stop.

DOWNLOAD: Steelers 2010 Schedule for Outlook!

Hey peoples! The new 2011-12 schedule is available here!

My apologies for not getting this out sooner. I had a really difficult time finding this year’s pre-season schedule (specifically, the pre-season TV schedule), and also had a hard time finding the playoff schedule. In fact, I gave up on the post-season schedule and just used my best guess… so let’s hope this is right!

The “Pittsburgh Steelers 2010 Schedule For Outlook” is compatible with Microsoft Outlook 98 or later. It might also work with Google Calendar or any other webapp or calendaring program that can import calendar events from CSV files. However, it has only been tested with Outlook 2007.

The schedule contains all preseason and regular season Steelers games as well as the name of the network airing the game. All times are for the Eastern (USA) time zone. A reminder is also scheduled for 8:00PM the day before each game. Fans of other (lesser) teams can also download the file and use it as a template to create a schedule for their favorite team using any spreadsheet app that supports CSV files.

There are three editions of the schedule available for download: the Steelers 2010-11 schedule only, the 2010-11 Steelers schedule with the NFL playoffs and Super Bowl XLV, and a calendar with the playoffs and Super Bowl XLV only. Pick your poison by clicking the appropriate link below:

Steelers 2010-2011 Schedule
Steelers 2010-2011 Schedule with NFL Playoffs
NFL 2010-2011 Playoff Schedule only

* * *

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-02

  • People, Facebook has no plans to start charging users! See this: #
  • Paddington Bear keeps an “emergency sandwich” in his hat. I like that idea! #
  • “No, no, go back one. Go back one. ‘Engelbert Humperdinck’. That’s it.” #
  • GT sweeps UGA in baseball this year… WOOT! #
  • I have a belly full of Cook Out. I’m happy! #
  • “A guy walks into a bar and orders an Ovechkin. The bartender gives him a white Russian without the cup!” #
  • was the biggest pop star in Uruguay in 1993! #

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Ashes to Ashes: Season 3, Episode 4

This episode begins with a boy sitting on a curb (or “kerb” as they say in Britain). He plays with a Matchbox version of a red Quattro, cornering it hard on his leg. Suddenly, Gene’s Quattro comes roaring around the corner. Inside, Alex cautions Gene about driving drunk. Gene admits to having a drink as it’s dinnertime, and Alex tells him to slow down. She says that they’re investigating a tip about drugs, and if she’s going to lose her life, she’d hope it be for something more worthwhile.

The gang spot the van they’re looking for, and chase it down a street. The van stops just in front of a small car, hitting a worker repairing the road in the process. The occupants of the van take off, but before the gang can give chase, a woman gets out of the small car holding a shotgun. While the rest of the gang hide behind anything they can find, Gene confidently walks up to the woman and takes the shotgun from her:


The gang sits, stunned, as Gene lets the woman run away. Ray and Chris check out the van to find that it loaded down with heroin. When Alex asks Gene why he let the female suspect get away, he says that she’ll have to trust him. Alex says that “trust me” won’t work this time. Gene sarcastically replies that he’s part of a huge conspiracy, and that Alex deserves a piece of candy for taking them down. Alex says that he won’t be able to just push her aside this time. Gene asks what the point of all this is anyway, since no one bothers to tell him about undercover operations on his own turf. Alex then realizes what Gene is saying: the woman was an undercover cop, and they’d just walked into an undercover operation.

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R.I.P. Leslie Buck

You might never have heard the name Leslie Buck, but you just might be familiar with something he designed:

Anthora Cup

His iconic paper coffee cup was originally designed for the Sherri Cup Company of Kensington, Connecticut. The design proved to be so popular that dozens of companies imitated it, and soon almost any hot beverage served to go in New York was served one of Buck’s cups or a knockoff.

The Greek-influenced cups have appeared in almost every TV show that’s ever been based in New York. Liz Lemon has been seen drinking from the cups in 30 Rock, as did Glenn Close in Damages, and the cups made so many appearances in NYPD Blue and Law & Order that they deserve their own “Best Supporting Prop” award.

Over the past 40 years, the cups have practically become a symbol of the city of New York. Artists have made change purses based on the design. MoMA sells a ceramic version in their gift shop. Online sellers sell them to homesick New Yorkers, and a few enterprising folks even sell paper sleeves that can turn a generic Styrofoam cup into their favorite memory of home! I think all that’s pretty cool.

Buck, born Laszlo Büch in Czechoslovakia, survived the Auschwitz and Buchenwald concentration camps before making his way to New York.

He died at age 87 of complications from Parkinson’s.