Coupla Changes…

I don’t even remember how it happened. Last night I was sitting at the computer, and somehow or the other I started messing around with the headers on this blog. I can’t remember if I found a cool image I wanted to use for a header, or if I found a plug-in that randomized the header or what… but one or the other set me off on a stream of consciousness search for headers that somehow related to my life.

So now the header graphic is randomized. Each time you load a page here, you’ll see a new one. Here are the header subjects so far:

Saint Etienne (2 headers of one of my favorite bands)
Emiliana Torrini (Love in the Time of Science is one of my favorite albums)
Duran Duran (my first favorite band)
This Mortal Coil (It’ll End in Tears was my teen angst album)
Madonna (from the Like a Virgin era, just because)
Beethoven (musical revolutionary)
Thomas Cranmer (religious revolutionary)
Ludwig von Mises (economic revolutionary)
Hunter S. Thompson (counterculture icon)
T.S. Eliot (my favorite poet)
Flannery O’Connor (one of my favorite authors)
Don Draper (Mad Men badass)
St. Paul’s Cathedral (home of Anglicanism)
The Tech Tower (best university in the US)

More headers will follow. I haven’t found a good Steelers image yet, and the one good (large) pic I found of The Jam was taken at an angle, so I couldn’t get all the guys in the 940×198 space needed for the header. But the search will continue.

Also, I updated the Links page this afternoon. I added one new link, deleted few dead ones, and updated a few others.

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