Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-05

  • "Obama says economy not growing fast enough" Really, Einstein? #
  • Congrats Aaron Paul! #
  • You were robbed, Christina! #
  • Cranston wins again. I like the guy, but wish Hamm would win just once! #
  • Is it wrong that I got turned on by Jewel during the "In Memoriam" bit? #
  • Wow… I've never seen Claire Danes look so good! #
  • "The Pacific"? Two hours later and something I like wins! #
  • HEEEEEEEEELLLLLL YEEEAHHHH!! THREE IN A ROW, BABY! Congrats, Matt Wiener and the rest of the "Mad Men" crew! #
  • Wow… MF wins for Best Comedy? Cool! #
  • "She's pure as New York snow…" #
  • "The higher the heel, the more traumatic her childhood." #
  • @terrinh73 Or how about "We're the party of liberal guilt and spending other people's money?" Seems more accurate to me… #

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The Road Trip List

A little while back, I was surfing my favorite Internet message board when I found an interesting thread. The author proposed a thought experiment: imagine that it’s the late 80s or early 90s. You have a car with a tape deck, and you’re going on a road trip. Which 15 tapes would you bring with you?

He only proposed two big rules: the album had to be released in cassette format, and the cut off date was the year 2000. Aside from that, anything was fair game.

I made my own list, which you can see below. But keep a few of my “rules” in mind:

1) I got my first CD player for Christmas in 1985, and stopped buying pre-recorded cassettes shortly thereafter. So, in my mind, the “Age of Cassettes” is 1980 – 1986.

2) I was the “King of Mix Tapes” in my day. I bought a lot of cassettes in the 80s, but I mostly bought LPs or CDs and dumped them to blank tapes, and later took the best songs and mixed them in with tracks from other albums. So, when I think of cassettes, I tend to not think of “albums”.

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The Irony of Cassius Clay

“As many know, there once was a great boxer named Cassius Clay. He converted to Islam in 1964, seemingly bothered that Jesus was portrayed as “a white with blond hair and blue eyes,” as he put it, and took the name “Muhammad Ali.” Of course, the irony of this is that despite being intensely aware of his slave roots, Ali rejected the name of an abolitionist (Clay) and took the name of a slave-owner (Muhammad). It also perhaps eluded him that Christians were the first ones to outlaw slavery, while Muslims give black Africans rope and chains to this day.”

via Lost Civilization.

Random TV Post

Look who made the cover of Rolling Stone:

Mad Men RS cover

Woot! Notice the “best show on TV” line on the cover, too!

And it might seem hard to believe, but according to this interview, Mary Louise Parker has never smoked marijuana:

“I guess if it was going to happen, it would’ve happened when I was younger. But that was never an effective or interesting form of rebellion for me. Because everybody did it. Marijuana was just a social thing. It wasn’t dangerous or frowned upon. If I’d been popular in high school, I’m sure I would have wanted to do it. But I wasn’t.”

Kind of weird for a woman who stars on a show called Weeds, no?