FRIDAY FUN: Sherilyn Fenn

Today is “Retro Babe” day at… and fewer girls strike the retro glam chord like Sherilyn Fenn. She was the “bad girl” of Twin Peaks, the spoiled rich girl who could have almost anything she wanted… except Agent Cooper. Her creamy skin… her ruby lips… those gorgeous eyes. Fenn wasn’t just “all that and a bag of chips”… she was the supersize version of all that and a bag of chips, plus a cookie and 44oz. fountain drink!

Sherilyn Fenn 01
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One more picture after the jump:

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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-10-17

  • @aimeemann Jesus… is there ANYTHING you DO like? #
  • @stephenfry – Way to miss Alaska on the map, the largest US state. It's 2x the size of Texas, slightly larger than in reply to stephenfry #
  • @stephenfry – Sorry – slightly SMALLER than Iran. in reply to stephenfry #
  • Marilyn Manson is obsessed with "Eastbound & Down". Really. Who would have imagined that? #
  • RANDOM FACT: John Tyler (born in 1790 and 10th president of the United States) has TWO living grandchildren! #
  • RANDOM FACT: John Tyler, born in 1790 and tenth president of the United States, has TWO living grandchildren! #
  • Waking up to Steve Perry ROCKS! Oh Sherrie… HELL YEAH! #
  • I want to win the book "Mad Men: The Illustrated World" from @YahooTV #ytvwin #
  • Oh yeah… I saw a meteor last night… that was pretty cool! #
  • Anyone heard OMD's new album? The Brit music press wasn't impressed, but they don't like anything. Comments welcome! #
  • Giorgio Moroder is my co-pilot! #
  • R.I.P. Benoit Mandelbrot 🙁 #

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Matt Weiner interview

The folks at TV Squad caught up with Mad Men creator Matt Weiner for a nice, long interview about season 4. Check it out in full here (there are no season finale spoilers in the interview). Here’s his response to the question of Don possibly still being outed as a fraud:

I think that that’s there, but what I was trying to say, and certainly it was a big deal with the clearance and everything, but he’s starting to realize that it’s just so exhausting to try and be that person. Who is he? We learned last year when he got the contract offer that he became this guy in a suit that he always wanted to be. Inside, there was somebody who still — whose father thinks he’s nothing.

That’s what I’m always trying to do. If you give yourself over to the show and sort of take the events away from it and say, “Well here’s a guy now who is living in this apartment that people don’t think is very nice.” Anyone who’s ever gotten divorced will say, “That’s the apartment where that man would live.” He moved to the Village, and he’s working all the time, and focusing on the things he can control in his life. Every part of his personal life does peek into his job, but they’re so closely related to each other that, to me, writing that letter last week is an assertion of the fact that he still is who he is — whatever that is.

The season finale of Mad Men is this Sunday at 10pm on AMC.

Mad Men: “Blowing Smoke”

This episode begins with Don having lunch with an executive from Heinz, who explains that his business is cyclical, and ketchup has become popular while his division – vinegar sauces and beans – has faded in importance. He further says that they’re not happy with their current agency, and while the man likes Don’s work, he just doesn’t trust that SCDP will be around for much longer. He then leaves, and Don calls a waiter over.


In Ossining, we see Betty making dinner for Sally and Bobby. Sally asks why they don’t have dinner with Henry, and Betty says it’s because Henry works too late to eat with them and because they eat different foods. Sally says that she’d try new food, and Betty smiles and asks if she’d like to eat with Henry. Sally says that she does, and Betty says that she’ll think about it.

At the office, Geoffrey Atherton (Faye’s boss) tells the partners that signing new business is extremely important. He then mentions a new brand of “women’s cigarettes” that Philip Morris will soon be releasing, and he says that it would be a good match given SCDP’s past experience with Lucky Strike. He further says that he’s arranged a meeting between the folks at Philip Morris and SCDP.

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She’s Alllliiiivvveee!

Yes, I know it’s easy to sit here in my office and make fun of people… so I will!

Here’s Kathy Griffin having a run… without makeup:


Yikes! I know, I know… she’s a strong, independent older woman, and I’d better remember that one day I’ll be her age… blah, blah, blah. But come on – you can’t look at that picture and not think of Reverend Henry Kane, can you?


Bringing in the sheaves, bringing in the sheaves,
We shall come rejoicing, bringing in the sheeeeaves!