My 2011 Oscar Picks

Below are my picks for the 2011 Academy Awards. Keep a few things in mind when you read the list: a) this is a list of my personal preferences, not a list of who I think will win; b) only the “big” categories are listed; c) missing nominees means that it didn’t see the nominated film; d) the numerical score listed after the nominee is a completely made-up weighting system of my own design, intended to show my relative likes and dislikes. It’s based on the standard 1-100 scale.

Best Motion Picture of the Year

The Social Network (99)
The King’s Speech (98)
True Grit (85)
Inception (79)
Black Swan (70)
127 Hours (65)
The Fighter (50)

Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role

Natalie Portman (Black Swan) (100)

Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role

Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network) (99)
Colin Firth (The King’s Speech) (98)
James Franco (127 Hours) (90)
Jeff Bridges (True Grit) (75)

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Saving Website Icons

It’s been a long time since I answered a reader’s question here on the site, so let’s do this thing!

Reader Jeff was setting up a computer for a co-worker, and wanted to place several website shortcuts on the computer’s desktop. Dragging the website icon from the browser’s address bar to the desktop created the shortcut, but the problem was that those shortcuts only had generic icons, and not the “website icons” Jeff wanted. So how can you create a desktop shortcut for a website that uses the site’s actual icon?

Well, first of all, those icons are called “favicons”, and in most cases they’re located at You can use Firefox or Chrome to load each address and save the icon as an ICO file. You can also do this with Internet Explorer, but in many cases IE will insist on saving the file as a BMP file. You can sometimes rename the extension of the saved BMP file to ICO, but a lot of times IE will mangle the file header and you’ll get an error message when you try to actually use it. So just use Firefox or Chrome if possible.

Save each favicon.ico file in a permanent location with a unique, meaningful file name (such as jimcofer.ico). All you have to do then is right-click each desktop icon, choose “Properties” and then click the “Change Icon” button. Use the “Browse” button to locate the correct ICO file you saved in the previous step, then repeat for any additional icons.

Note that the desktop icons will now be “tied” to the saved icons. If you move the saved icons (for example, from My Documents\Icons to My Documents\Stuff\Icons) you’ll need to re-map them via Explorer.

An Anglican Funny

From here, where there is more:

Dr Rowan Williams has failed to quell the row over his recent comments with the announcement that he has been fully accepted into the Muslim faith. He claims to see no inconsistency with his new religion and his continuing role as the leader of the Anglican faith.

‘Both religions are saying basically the same thing,’ said Rahman Muhammed bin Williams as he now wishes to be known, ‘and I hope to bring together two aspects of these two major world faiths. So we will still have the Church of England Christingle Jumble Sale, but instead of getting a jar of home made jam in the raffle, the winner gets to drive a car bomb into the American Embassy.’

It’s funny because it could happen.

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-02-13

  • it could be worse… I could be a Bengal fan! #
  • If Mubarak was smart, he would have hired the Black Eyed Peas to clear out Tahir Square two weeks ago. #
  • I liked Lady GaGa's new song "Born This Way" better when it was called "Express Yourself"… and sung by Madonna. #
  • OK, the TuneIn app for Android is pretty damn cool! #
  • The PAYMASTER GENERAL OF NIGERIA wants to give me $10,500,000? I'M RICH! #
  • Sorry Ms. Jackson… #
  • No, Cyril… once they're dead they're just hookers! #
  • "Black Swan" = "Fight Club" for girls #

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You Can’t Handle the Cute!

In 1959, Audrey Hepburn made a movie called Green Mansions (IMDB link). One of her co-stars in the film was a baby deer named Pippin. Hepburn adopted the little guy, nicknamed him Ip, and took him everywhere she went.

(click to enlarge)

[The other pictures that used to be in this post were removed at the request of the copyright holder]

Copying Outlook’s Folder Structure

If you’ve been using Outlook for some time, you’ve probably got a folder structure that works for you. And you probably also have a lot of email that could be archived out of your mail storage file.

Unfortunately, Microsoft’s all-or-nothing solution to the issue – AutoArchiving – is quite limited. You can only archive items by their date. You can’t, for instance, tell Outlook to archive all 6 month old emails except categorized ones. Nor can you tell Outlook to archive all emails except this or that folder. You could always copy emails to a new data file manually, but that would mean recreating the folder structure, which can be a lot of work.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could replicate your folder structure in a new data file, and move older emails to it as needed?

You can, and it’s a simple, if drawn out, process:

1) Open Outlook and click “File” > “Import and Export”.

2) Choose “Export to a file”, and then click “Next”.

3) Choose “Personal Folder File (.pst)”, and then click Next.

4) On the next screen, select the top of the hierarchy (usually listed as “Personal Folders”) and make sure that “Include subfolders” is checked, and then click “Next”.


5) Choose a unique name for the new data file (such as “outlookfolders.pst”) as well as a location for the new data file (such as the desktop), and then click “Finish”.

6) If you see an additional screen called “Create Microsoft Personal Folders”, just click “OK”.

Depending on the size of your email archive and the speed of your computer, this process can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 45 minutes or more.

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What the hell is this?

I hate to admit that I spend some time at 4chan, but I do. I found this pic a few weeks ago in \b\, and have no idea what it’s about:


What the hell is that? I mean, it looks like someone lying on their side, butt facing the camera… with a tail coming off their spine. But then there are the “feet”, which actually look like hands. And then there’s that creepy tuft of hair, too. This pic, perhaps photoshopped, still gives me the willies!

If Firefox only had a brain…

One of the upsides of Firefox is that it has a built-in spell-checker, so when you type up a post on a message board (or in WordPress!), you get the same red squiggly line under misspelled words like you do in Microsoft Word.

One of the downsides of Firefox is that the spell-checker is… quirky:


Yep, it’s telling me that “brain” is misspelled, and offers no suggestions on how to spell it “correctly”.