So the missus and I saw Sun Airway, Asobi Seksu and White Lies at the Variety Playhouse in Little 5 this past Saturday. Sun Airway was good, but their set was really mellow, too mellow to stand up for. So we sat. I, of course, rushed to the stage when Asobi Seksu came out. And, after they were done, I sat back down to check out White Lies.

During White Lies’ set, Lisa pointed out that Yuki Chikudate and James Hanna (the two full-time members of Asobi Sesku) had taken seats five feet away from us to watch White Lies. Being 40, I feel like I’m just too old to be going up to bands and saying “I like you guys! Can I have a picture?”. Lisa had no such problem (maybe it’s different for girls?), so as soon as White Lies were done and the house lights went up, she rushed over and took a picture of the two of them:

Asobi Seksu at Variety Playhouse
(click to embiggen)


By the way, that’s me in the background, holding Lisa’s cup of Cheerwine (yes, the Variety Playhouse has Cheerwine on tap!) Here’s one more pic of Yuki Chikudate hanging around the merch table after the show with the part-time members of the band:

Yuki Chikudate and Seksu
(click to embiggen)

More pics (including many of White Lies) are available on my Facebook profile!

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