Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-04

    • Not hungover, but I feel like I got into a fistfight in my sleep. Anyone else ever feel like that? #
    • @DaleMurphy3 Well, you don’t have to have a license AT ALL to drive in NASCAR, so not sure there’d be an age requirement. #
    • @DaleMurphy3 A NASCAR driver was busted in CLT doing 100+mph on a public road; the news said he didn’t need a lic. for races. (more) #
    • @DaleMurphy3 So it didn’t matter to him (career-wise) if his license was suspended or not. #
    • @heyred704 Gluten-free stuff (hurry, 12 hrs.left): #
    • @heyred704 Not autobot spam, by the way. It’s me! 🙂 #
    • OMG! The countdown to Gay Super Bowl LXXXIV has started! #
    • @AveryHutchinson Tylenol PM is just Tylenol + Benadryl. Save your liver & money and just buy generic Benadryl. #
    • @FillmoreNC I’ll watch static on the TV before I’ll watch the NBA! #
    • Bittle and I are on the sofa, eating ice cream and watching the Oscars. I love that cat. #
    • @AveryHutchinson Yeah, Lisa buys the generic stuff at Sam’s for sleeping. I could swear it’s like $3 for 400 tabs! #
    • Still have fingers crossed for the #MadMenParty #
    • My Top 3 #lastfm Artists: Marsheaux (27), Roxy Music (4) & The Ting Tings (4) #

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