SONGS I LOVE: “A to B” and “Queen of the Underground”

It’s been a long time since I did a “songs I love” post, so here’s a 2-fer of songs I’ve been jammin’ on lately:

Gliss is a Danish band which moved to Los Angeles, where their debut EP, Kick in Your Heart, caught the ear of Billy Gorgan, who asked them to open for him on a European solo tour. I haven’t heard their early stuff, but the 2013 album Langsom Dans was called a “total departure” from their existing sound. Although I downloaded the album last year, I didn’t actually listen to it until a couple months ago… and instantly fell in love with it. Here’s a track called “A to B”:

Flunk is an electronic band from Norway; “Queen of the Underground” is the lead track off their 2013 album Lost Causes:

This song especially kicks ass!