Outlook Calendar Shortcuts

One of the best undocumented features of Microsoft Outlook – well, undocumented as I can tell – is the “calendar shortcuts” feature. When you create a new appointment or task, you don’t need to know the exact date of the appointment or task – let Outlook figure that out for you!

For example, if your boss tells you that a particular report is due in 25 days, you don’t have to manually figure out when that is – just enter 25d in the “Start Time” for the appointment (make sure that today is selected in your calendar, otherwise the appointment will be added 25 days from the selected day).

Other available operators include W (weeks), MO (months) and Y (years) as well as TODAY, TOMORROW and NEXT TUESDAY (or whatever other day you need next week). Note that these calendar shortcuts also work with Tasks as well.

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