One last thing…

OK, make that two last things about the ongoing conversion of the site from FrontPage to WordPress:

1) I am moving items from the old site to the new one in the order that best suits me – from easiest to hardest. I also like to move them in groups. I’m not bothering to copy the timestamps from the old articles, so WordPress treats each “old” post as “new” and posts it on the front page. This means two things: at times, you may see nothing but recipes or “Geek Stuff” entries on the front page. Know that this site has much more to offer than just recipes or Windows tips; I’m just copying them over in a batch, so that’s all that there is on the front page at the moment. Secondly, you may see something that seems out of place. You might see posts on the front page dated today saying that I’m excited “about the Steelers being in the Super Bowl next week” or “going to see the brand new Matrix Reloaded movie this Friday”. Let me assure you that neither are your eyes playing tricks on you, nor am I hopelessly crazy. I’m just copying some old stuff to the new layout and the post was originally written a couple of years ago!

2) At this point, the entire old site is still online (look for the “Old Site” link on the front page under “Links”). However, in the next few days I will begin deleting old pages that have been moved to the new site, and I will probably create a new page in WordPress that has a clickable index of all the old pages that I’m not going to transfer to the new site. In other words, I’m going to move all of the old pages to a directory on the server called “old” and will have an index page where you can click a link to read the page in the “original” FrontPage format. Why? Well, look: an article about converting DVDs to MPEG-1 movies made a fair amount of sense back in 1998, but it’s old hat today. Why should I spend half an hour converting it to WordPress when no one is going to read it anyway? And some articles (while recent) are simply too time consuming to convert to WordPress. My “list of 62 great 80s films” article is only a couple of months old, but all of the links and tables would make it a pain to convert over. Unless I can find an easy way to strip that page’s HTML into something more WordPress-friendly, I’m just going to create a page in WP that has links to all of these types of articles. You follow me?

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