Transition (Almost) Complete…

Hey everybody!

Well, the transition from the old FrontPage site to WordPress is almost complete. The old site is dead, and all links to it have been removed from the site. Around 85% of the old site’s content has either been moved to WordPress or has been archived; check out the Old Site Archive link in the sidebar for an index of older pages that didn’t make the move to WordPress put are still around in a stripped down FrontPage format. All I really have to do now is convert several pages from the old “Critics Corner” section to the Archive and create a bunch of posts from the old “Downloads” page and I’m done!

You’ll also noticed that I’ve tweaked the front page a bit. There’s now a handy “print this” link for every post, which generates a printer-friendly version of the post in question. I’ve also added the IM Online status widget to the sidebar; this lets you know if I am online via AIM or Yahoo! Messenger. If the widget says I’m online, just click on the AIM or Yahoo! icon to start a chat with me.

That’s about all for now. I hope to have the conversion absolutely completed sometime this weekend (or perhaps Monday).

Have a GREAT weekend!

Your Faithful Webmaster!

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