Ouch! Tooth embedded in head!

How’s this for an “owwwie”? Australian rugby player Ben Czislowski collided with an opponent back in April, getting a gash in the head. He left the match and his head was quickly stitched up. But then Czislowski, who plays for the Brisbane team Wynnumm, started getting headaches. He soon felt lethargic and got a bad eye infection.

Last week, Czislowski decided that he just couldn’t take it any more, so he went to his doctor… who found a tooth of Tweed Heads forward Matt Austin embedded in Czislowski’s skull! Given how filthy with bacteria most mouths are, it’s a wonder that Czislowski didn’t get gangrene or some other serious infection! As it stands though, Czislowski had the tooth removed and is doing fine.

Read all about it on Yahoo! News here.

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