PREAIRs are Everywhere!

In the world of online video file trading, a “PREAIR” is a video file of a television show that has yet to air in its home market. Most frequently, PREAIRs are ripped from “screener” DVDs sent out to television critics, although this is not always the case. Some PREAIRs are leaked from production or special effects studios. Sometimes studios even make PREAIRs freely available: the first four episodes of season six of Fox’s thriller 24 were sold as a special “preview DVD”; these were released online as PREAIRs, even though they lacked any sense of cachet, since they were available to anyone with $14.98 and a way to get to Target or Wal Mart.

A veritable flood of PREAIRs began hitting the scene late last week. PREAIRs of the first two episodes of the new seasons of existing Showtime series, like Dexter, Brotherhood and Weeds are available, as well as a PREAIR of the first episode of the new David Duchovny series Californication. ABC’s new show Pushing Daisies, NBC’s new action\comedy Chuck, and Fox’s new The Sarah Connor Chronicles are also available, amongst others.

These PREAIRs are available just about anywhere torrent files are offered. If you have no idea what “Bittorrent” is, or where you might find such files… lemme know and I’ll hook you up!


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