I HATE Notre Dame!

Georgia Tech vs. Notre Dame 2There are two college football teams that I truly hate. One of them is the University of Georgia, mainly because they’re in-state rivals of my favorite team, Georgia Tech. The other team I hate is Notre Dame. No real reason, really… In fact, the reason for the hate is lost in the mists of time. But just like everyone else in the United States that isn’t an Irish fan, I truly despise Notre Dame. Hate them with every ounce of my being. Each and every atom that makes up me hates Notre Dame too.

That’s why it’s totally awesome that Georgia Tech beat the hell out of Notre Dame today! Final score: 33-3. Notre Dame tried all three of their quarterbacks, but nothing worked. Hell, they were held to -8 yards rushing! The filthy Irish committed at least three turnovers by my count. Hell, one ND player was even ejected from the game for headbutting a GT player. As the AP story about the game notes, “it was the worst opening-game loss in Fighting Irish history”. And I loved it!

And come to find out Appalachian State beat Michigan, too? Man, what a AWESOME day for college football!

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