Jones Soda Gets Disgusting

From the “Better Late Than Never” Department:

Jones Soda – the Seattle-based company that offers an infamous “holiday pack” of sodas every year with flavors like “Turkey and Gravy” and “Brussels Sprouts” – entered into an agreement this year with the Seattle Seahawks to sell Jones Soda at Qwest Field. To celebrate their success, Jones is offering a “limited edition Seahawks Collector Pack” with the following five delicious flavors: “Natural Field Turf”, “Sports Cream”, “Perspiration”, “Dirt”, and “Sweet Victory”.

Most of the flavors apparently taste as vile as you would imagine, although the “Sweet Victory” flavor apparently “isn’t that bad”. If you have the stones to want to drink a Ben-Gay flavored soda, you can order the set here. If you’d just like to read more about it (to make sure that I’m not making this up), read more about it here.

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