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Happy Friday, everyone!

I don’t normally post downloadable music on this site, mainly ‘cos I don’t want the Music Police breaking my door down. But I will make an exception for this Duran Duran bootleg I picked up on the ‘Net the other day. It’s from an radio show called “The Source” (no, I hadn’t heard of it either). Apparently “The Source” was part of NBC Radio’s “Young Adult Network”, for what that’s worth.

Anyway, the show was recorded live on November 16, 1982 at Hammersmith Odeon in London. Here’s the track list:

01. Introduction
02. (Waiting for the) Nightboat
03. New Religion
04. Save a Prayer
05. Planet Earth
06. Friends of Mine
07. Careless Memories
08. Rio
09. Hungry Like the Wolf
10. Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)
11. Girls on Film
12. Outro

The music files are in MP3 format, 192kbps CBR. Also included are scans of the album’s “artwork” (it’s a generic NBC Radio sleeve with program notes on it) as well as the actual disc label. A 500×500 version of the disc label pic has been embedded into the ID3 tag… ‘cos that’s how I roll.

Click here to download the zip file
(97.7 MB)

Sorry folks! The file has been deleted.
Not by court order or anything – I just didn’t want it on the server any more.

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