Changing Colors

What’s with all the news stories about people changing colors lately? First, there was this story about Lee Thomas, an entertainment reporter for Detroit’s Fox affiliate. He was born a black man, but due to a disease called vitiligo – the same disease that Michael Jackson reportedly has – he’s slowly turning white:


Lee’s story is “newsworthy” because he recently decided to stop applying a thick layer of makeup every day and go au naturale on TV. Which makes sense, when you see how much makeup they have to use on the poor guy. Be sure to check out the slide show at the link above to see Lee’s transition from “black guy” to “half and half”.

Then there’s this story about a man named Paul Karason. Apparently Paul either read something in a nutty “holistic medicine” magazine or saw an infomercial or something, but the fact is, he’s been drinking colloidal silver – silver dissolved in water via an electrical current – for the past 14 years. And it’s turned him blue:

Colloidal Silver

Apparently, some think that colloidal silver will cure anything that ails you. But apparently it turns you blue. Let the Papa Smurf jokes begin!

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