Random News…

I meant to type up something much longer, but time doesn’t permit so…. LET’S DO SOME NEWS:

Steve Flaig is from Michigan. He knew he was adopted. His adoptive parents even helped him search for his birth mother. Little did anyone know that he worked with his birth mother at a Lowe’s home improvement store in Michigan! It seems that Christine Tallady started working at the store a few months after Steve began his search. The adoption agency somehow spelled Tallady’s name wrong, but Steve had a sudden flash of inspiration and used the spelling of the woman at his store and… bingo! Read all about it here.

You knew it was coming… a company called Renova is marketing “designer toilet paper”! It comes in a variety of colors – black, red, orange and green – and the company says that the paper has a “voluptuous texture. Colors for an outstanding style. A warm mystery in every single olfactive moment. Soft and glamorous…A paper full of pleasure.”

And lastly, a clueless grocery store thinks their boneless, sliced ham is “delicious for Chanukah”!

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