Thanks Microsoft!

This may be another Internet hoax, but this guy is claiming that Microsoft called him last week… for an issue he was having 10 years ago!

It seems that he was having an issue with “Windows” (Windows 98? Windows NT?) waaaaayy back on January 7th, 1998. Microsoft’s tech support people gave him several things to try, and promised that they’d call him back the next day to check on the issue. Apparently one of those fixes worked, since the guy never bothered to call Microsoft back. And he either forgot that Microsoft was supposed to call him back, or was so happy that his computer now worked that he overlooked the missed call. Imagine his surprise when his parents got a call on January 8th, 2008 from Microsoft support asking if the issue was fixed! It seems that the original tech support guy fat-fingered the date, and scheduled the follow up call for 01/08/08 instead of 01/08/98.

I guess it’s kind of reassuring that Microsoft’s tech support system is that robust though, huh?

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