Stuff White People Like

Wow – with Fidel Castro stepping down in Cuba, Kosovo declaring independence and the Anglican Communion falling apart, you’d think I’d be posting something “important”.

I guess you’d be wrong, though, because I just wanted to post a quick link to an amusing WordPress blog called Stuff White People Like. I thought the site was pretty pedestrian – “white people like the Toyota Prius? Ummmm… Ha ha???”. But then I saw this little gem about the movie Juno:

As 2007’s indie hit, it is alternative mainstream and white people love it when low budget movies do well, even though the $7 million budget is enough to feed thousands of villages in East Africa for a year. White people, especially ones over 30, also love movies that take them back to a time when there was zero hip hop influence in white high schools.

Sorry, but that bit in boldface made me laugh my ass off! As Homer Simpson would say “it’s funny ‘cos it’s true!” Ahhhh… the “good old days”, when high school kids thought people like Johnny Rotten, Captain Sensible and Joe Strummer were cool!

Anyway, the site’s pretty funny, especially if you’re hopelessly uncool like me. Check it out!

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