Diablo Cody… Topless!

Diablo Cody is a blogger, author and screenwriter that recently won an Academy Award for Best Screenplay for her film Juno. Out of college, her first jobs were doing secretarial work at a Chicago law firm and later proofreading ad copy.

She would turn her time as a secretary into a blog called Red Secretary, which detailed the (fictional) life of am English-challenged secretary living in Belarus, using events directly pulled from, or inspired by, her time at the law firm. She then, on a whim, stripped at an “amateur night” at a Minneapolis strip club. Finding that she enjoyed the experience, she quit her day job and began stripping as a career. This resulted in a book called Candy Girl: A Year in The Life of an Unlikely Stripper. She has since written for several magazines while working on Juno.

Anyway, shortly after the Academy Awards, several nude pictures of her leaked on the Internet. You can see one of them after the jump. Honestly, they’re not all that interesting – aside from the pierced nipples. I’m just posting the picture here for… ahhh… historical reasons:

Diablo Cody

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