Get well, Jen!

I’ve known Jennifer King (Dunn) for… almost 17 years now. She’s my second oldest friend in the entire world, and it makes me feel old to think that in my life I’ve known her longer than I haven’t known her. I also think that it’s kind of sad that I’ve lived in Charlotte for 5 years now and I’ve probably seen her less in that time than when I lived in Atlanta. People change, though, and when Jen got married she “adopted” her husband’s friends. I’m not gonna knock her for that; I know that it “just happens” with people. Hell, my “Duluth High School crowd” were freakishly close until everyone started to hit their 30s, and then folks started moving away, or having children, or what have you. Where once 50 of us would get together to celebrate someone’s birthday, you’re now lucky to even get a tiny handful for almost any reason.

My point behind all this is that even though Jen and I aren’t nearly as close as we once were, I still care about the girl an awful lot. And if you’re one of the “Charlotte gang”, you probably know what happened to her this week. It’s depressing and it’s pointless… and I sincerely hope that she gets better ASAP.

I love you, you damn weirdo! Get well, and soon!  🙂

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