Lisa and I stopped by the Harris Teeter the other day to pick up a few sale items. Imagine my surprise when I walked down the snack aisle and saw these:

Utz chips
The food of the gods!

Yes, Virginia… Utz Chips are now available in the Charlotte area!

They’ve been available in the Raleigh area for years now; I emailed the company a couple of years back and asked them when\if they were ever going to sell them in Charlotte. A nice lady replied that they were “working on a deal” but had no idea when it would happen. I guess the “deal” did finally go through… and now I can get my Utz Crab Chip jones on any time I want! And no, the crab chips don’t taste like crab; they’re seasoned with something similar to Old Bay, which is often used to season crab dishes in the Maryland\DC area.

Oh – and “Grandma Utz’s” chips are handcooked in lard! Healthy? No! Delicious? YES!

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