Condé Nast buys Ars Technica

The news hit the Internet on Saturday, so I’m a bit late with this… but I just thought I’d mention that Condé Nast’s WIRED digital division has purchased Ars Technica, one of my all-time favorite web sites, for an undisclosed sum (guesstimated to be around $25 million).

I’ve been a member of Ars for 9 years now (can that be right?) and was terrified for the past couple of days at what might happen to the “little tech site that could”. Thankfully, Ken Fisher – the genius behind Ars – has written this post, which says that Ars will not change at bit, except to greatly expand its base. Instead of a handful of writers, Ars will now have a couple dozen, and the site will soon be opening offices in Chicago and San Francisco. Ken will be staying on as “Caesar”, so I’m sure that Ars will remain the site I know and love… only bigger and better!

It makes me all giddy inside. I’ve met half of the Ars staff over the years (Hi Jade!) and I feel like I know them personally. To me, they aren’t nameless faces running a website… they’re my friends! And so, I’ll just say this:


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