That’s Just Gross!

In case you haven’t heard, famous record producer Mutt Lange has left his wife of 14 years… Shania Twain. Here’s a picture of the homewrecker – Marie-Anne Thiebaud – standing next to Shania:

Shania Twain Affair

Amazingly, Shania is the older one in this picture. She is 42, while the nasty hussy that broke up her marriage claims to be 37. Hell, she looks old enough to be Shania’s mother.

I myself am 37, and am old enough to know how much truth there is in the old saying “no matter how good looking she is, someone somewhere is sick of her shit”. Perhaps Shania is a giant pain in the ass. Maybe she’s needy or just plain crazy. Maybe that Swiss woman understands Mutt in a way that Shania doesn’t. I don’t know. But still… what the hell, dude? Don’t you know that you’re supposed to trade up, not down?

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