Today’s Pictures…

Wow – there are some cool pictures out today!

The first is a picture of NASA’s Phoenix Lander in its decent to the Martian surface, as taken by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter:

Phoenix Lander

The second picture is of a rare portrait of Elizabeth I as a young girl. According to this article from the BBC,  the portrait was “found in the Duke of Buccleuch’s collection at Boughton House”, and was painted between 1650 and 1680, after a (now lost) original dating to the 1550s. Prior to this find, there were only two known portraits of the Queen as a young girl; now the world has three. Elizabeth is to the far right in this picture, flanked by her father, her brother, and sister (click to enlarge):

Young Elizabeth I Portrait

And lastly, enjoy another beautiful picture of Amy Winehouse:

Amy Winehouse: crazy

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